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Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Challenges faced by adolescents across the world include early pregnancy and parenthood, difficulties accessing contraception and safe abortion together with high rates of HIV and sexually transmitted infections. Socio-cultural taboos around pre-marital pregnancy create a demand for family planning among adolescents whilst, paradoxically, high levels of stigma often make it difficult for them to access. In addition, health workers may impede the delivery of quality care by failing to provide young people with supportive, non-judgmental services. In order to address these barriers, young people's participation in designing youth-friendly programmes appears to be crucial.



PDF document Rutgers 6-Country Youth SRHR & COVID 19 Study - Report PDF document Adolescent Corners Situational Analysis
Successful programmatic approaches to facilitating IUD uptake: PDF document Practical guidance for conducting post-project evaluations of adolescent sexual and reproductive health projects
Family Planning and Youth in West Africa: Mass media, digital media, and social and behavior change communication strategies

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